one step at a time..

I had to hold back posting for a week there as I evaluated some next step possibilities. Some were small…. choosing to switch back to my Jillian Michaels workout dvd because it had more weight training than the Shaun T T25 workout I was trying out. Laugh if you will, but when you’re devoting 30 mins in the morning to workout before heading to work you want to feel it’s fulfilling your needs! And I’m a girl who likes to lift some weights, so back to Jillian I went.

But I digress….
I had to pause for a moment, as I was about to sign up for some certification courses.. but then it looked like I might get a new job. What will that mean for my future? What if I am happier in the new job than my current job and maybe give up the dream of being a personal trainer? Should I stay in my current job because it’s “easier” to stay and then focus on my training so I can fly the coop when I’m ready?

Ultimately, I was offered the job and I did take it. I looked at it this way: if I am unhappy in my current role, I need to get out as soon as I can. Unhappiness leads to ruts and misery and that makes it challenging to stay positive and move forward. As well, this new job offers me a little more flexibility, as it means I am back on the road again and making my own schedule; I won’t be chained to a desk, 9-5 like I have been for the last 18 months. Seems this bird doesn’t like to be in a cage.

So I am excited and once I get a feel for the new job I will sign up for my course, likely in late November. I am excited because I found a course that will be taking place quite close to my home.

In the meantime I have given only a week’s notice to my current job in order to take a week off between jobs to clear my mind, rejuvenate and take a trip to Florida with my beloved spouse. Then when I return it’s a week in Montreal for training.. and then the fun begins! I am excited to see what the future holds….


One thought on “one step at a time..

  1. Tania says:

    So very happy for you at this moment!

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