a cautionary tale

There IS such a thing as over training, folks…

Feel free to read about one such tale here.



one step at a time..

I had to hold back posting for a week there as I evaluated some next step possibilities. Some were small…. choosing to switch back to my Jillian Michaels workout dvd because it had more weight training than the Shaun T T25 workout I was trying out. Laugh if you will, but when you’re devoting 30 mins in the morning to workout before heading to work you want to feel it’s fulfilling your needs! And I’m a girl who likes to lift some weights, so back to Jillian I went.

But I digress….
I had to pause for a moment, as I was about to sign up for some certification courses.. but then it looked like I might get a new job. What will that mean for my future? What if I am happier in the new job than my current job and maybe give up the dream of being a personal trainer? Should I stay in my current job because it’s “easier” to stay and then focus on my training so I can fly the coop when I’m ready?

Ultimately, I was offered the job and I did take it. I looked at it this way: if I am unhappy in my current role, I need to get out as soon as I can. Unhappiness leads to ruts and misery and that makes it challenging to stay positive and move forward. As well, this new job offers me a little more flexibility, as it means I am back on the road again and making my own schedule; I won’t be chained to a desk, 9-5 like I have been for the last 18 months. Seems this bird doesn’t like to be in a cage.

So I am excited and once I get a feel for the new job I will sign up for my course, likely in late November. I am excited because I found a course that will be taking place quite close to my home.

In the meantime I have given only a week’s notice to my current job in order to take a week off between jobs to clear my mind, rejuvenate and take a trip to Florida with my beloved spouse. Then when I return it’s a week in Montreal for training.. and then the fun begins! I am excited to see what the future holds….

which certification to choose?

ISSA? CPTN? NASM? Which certification to choose??

I am feeling overwhelmed with the decision of choosing which program to get certification from, as everyone I talk to seems to have a different opinion. I found a really great website here that talks about a number of different programs, but most are American.

I am leaning towards CPTN which starts next month, but am still considering ISSA….


It’s my birthday!

Well, it has arrived… my 39th birthday. And with it came the gift of fitness! I am very excited about receiving the Fitbit One and complementary Aria scale, so I can wirelessly track my weight, steps, calories burned and sleep! Some might argue these gadgets are gimmicky, but I think it’s fun and if it works to motivate you, why not? Whatever gets you moving! And I couldn’t be more thrilled that this new scale is telling me I’m in fact 3 lbs heavier than what my previous scale says I am (*groan*). As an added bonus it’s telling me that my body fat percentage is 25%, which makes me extremely…. average. But hey, now I have a new goal to focus on. Getting my body fat percentage down to 24% gets me into the “fitness” category, which sounds about right to me! Then we’ll aim for athlete.

I have a feeling that 39 is going to be very good to me as I start to really truly get comfortable in my own skin….

Fitbit OneAria

decisions, decisions

My staycation is drawing to an end and I am feeling great. Didn’t check my email once and I have made some great connections that are moving me towards a happier me. I did a little yoga this afternoon and my second T25 workout. Calves are sore from my T25 yesterday and today, but it feels good.

Tomorrow is my 39th birthday and I feel pretty darn good about it, if I do say so myself! Might even reward myself with a little something like this…

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese


what’s that… a light at the end of the tunnel?

At the risk of sounding cliche, I am starting to get the feeling that the universe is pointing me in the positive direction I want to go in. Placing opportunities in front of me to help me stumble towards the next step. I have been lucky enough to meet with someone (we’ll call him Josh) who has lit the first fire in my belly to make a move towards change. He gave me amazing words of encouragement and support and then pointed me in the direction of two women I should talk to who could also help me with my vision to make fitness more than just a way a life…. to make it a career. And tonight I was blessed enough to meet with two brilliant women who were willing to talk about their personal journeys, and the hurdles they had to overcome to make fitness their lifestyle and careers. These fantastic women were willing to meet with a complete stranger to give words of support and answer all my questions, and even help allay my fears and doubts. I feel like I’m on top of the world!

And further to the point of the universe placing these people in my life, I went to get a haircut today from my stylist (of 15 years) and he told me that he might not be cutting hair for much longer. He said he had been studying to be a personal trainer and that he was focused on phasing hair styling out of his life and making personal training his fulltime focus. Not great for my hair situation, but so exciting to talk to him about how I want to do the same. And heck, if he could do it at 47, I could do it 39!

Wow, I’m just so full of gratitude right now! And hopeful… for the first time in a long time. Maybe I can do this. Just maybe I can walk away from a corporate job that is draining my soul and move towards something that not only helps me… but would help others as well! I could make fitness my lifestyle and do something positive…

My head is swimming with ideas and excitement…. but where to begin?

Seems that continuing my own workouts while getting certified is the next step. But there are so many options with where to get certified, and everyone has a different opinion. It’s overwhelming! Must do some reading and deciding…

And so it begins……

So I’m turning 39 in a few days and I’ve decided I want to change careers. I know, I’m not the first person to make such a decision so late in the game, but it feels…. monumental. Overwhelming, even.

Part of the problem is that I am incapable of baby steps. I want to do it all, right now, and done perfectly from the start. This sort of thinking can be paralyzing, even as I try to build this blog and get a new Twitter account up and running. I am toiling over the small stuff, like ensuring perfection in terms of how said blog and Twitter pages look. It’s utter madness as I fight my urge to not roll these pages out until I feel they are viewable for the masses. They must look perfect or people won’t come back! won’t read! won’t share and support!

Honestly, my need to be a perfectionist has been my own worst enemy… but I believe I can harness it for good. I just need to learn to take things one step at a time so that I create a process, and lifestyle, that is sustainable.

I feel like a little kid with her face pressed against the glass of a window at the gym; I see all these people in there doing things I would like to do. They look happy and healthy. They look positive and energetic. And I want to be part of that…. but I feel like I am on the outside of it all. And I want to change careers and be part of an industry I know virtually nothing about?? I don’t even go to a gym! I am the kind of girl who likes to get her sweat on to P90X in the comfort of her living room when she won’t embarrass herself in front of others. Where I have fewer excuses not to do it, as my “workout room” is a mere 6 feet away.

This blog will be my journey, wherever that journey leads me. I will take my baby steps as I get back into working out, after too long an absence. And then I will see how to grow my passion from there into a direction that best suits me; will it be nutrition, a deep personal interest for me? Will my workouts lead me to grow beyond my living room and into the gym? Will I find a teacher and mentor who will help lead me in a direction that speaks to me?

I am (nearly) 39 and I have yet to decide what I want to be when I grow up… but I’m going to find out!